52 hungry children!


All waiting, somewhat patiently, for their tea!

17 responses to “52 hungry children!”

  1. Louise Crane says :

    You all look hungry! Have fun xxx. The Cranes

  2. Lisa fellows says :

    To Maddy Gillen, hope your having a fantastic time, see you soon

    Your BFF’s Megan and mollie.xxxxxxx

  3. Liz Norton says :

    Typical amy….at the front of the que for food……lol…..love Issy xx

  4. Diane Moffatt says :

    Hope you’ve enjoyed your tea… it looks yum!! See you soon, Luv mum & dad

  5. Claire Gillen says :

    Hi Madison, hope you are having a fabulous time. Missing you, love you lots from Nana and Papi. Xxx

  6. Sharon muzunze says :

    Everyone is missing you Tafadzwa, hope you’re having a fantastic time. See you soon!

  7. Deborah Kelsall says :

    Tea is looking gorgeous! Hope you had a great day kids and enjoy your evening activities, eat up Izabella!! xxxxx

  8. Lauren's mum says :

    Bet you are all starving with all them activities, enjoy your tea Lauren grace, while I’m at the Brecks with nanny and mum, love u loads Sam xxx😝😜😝😜😝😜😘😘😘😘😘

  9. Daniel's mum says :

    Hi Daniel … Hope ya are having a lovely time, enjoy your tea .. We are missing you lots.. Lots of love Mum Dad Luke Euan Jacob and Baby Bump xxxx

  10. Claire Allison says :

    Ben, hope you enjoyed your tea, I bet you had it with lots of tomato sauce. Loving all the pictures, keep them coming. We are all missing you. Love mum dad matt & lois xxxxx

  11. fitzgeraldm says :

    Hiya sweetheart!! House is so quiet Lol. Looks like a fab place. Bumble and Bolt are missin you – squeezing like mad! Luv ya! Xx Mum Dad n Charlie

  12. Michelle pounder says :

    Hi ben pounder hope your having a fab time, love an miss u lots n lots like jelly tots xxxxx mum n dad an all us x

  13. cheryl tate says :

    wesley hope you enjoyed your tea?

  14. clairelancashire says :

    Hope you enjoyed your tea Sam bet it wasn’t as nice as my cooking! 🙂 big love Mum, Dad n Jobi xxx

  15. tracey says :

    hay hakeem hope your ok and enjoying your first day miss u love you lots and lots xxxxxx

  16. Kiera's mum says :

    Notice ur front if the dinner que Kiera x

  17. Sophie P's dad says :

    Enjoy your tea. I’m loving this peace and quiet here! Message for Sophie: Gararaka!

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