The History of the House


Enjoying our Learning, with Rebecca.

9 responses to “The History of the House”

  1. lisa -owains mum says :

    Hope it is more interesting than my day in the office …. it certainly looks it. X

  2. cheryl tate says :

    one of youre favourite subjects,history, hope u have lots of knowledge on the house, n hope u hav a lovely time wesley xxx

  3. shiralee moore says :

    hope your learning lots of things and having a great time as well lily love you lots xxxxxx

  4. fitzgeraldm says :

    Hope you’re taking it all in Archie……I want to hear all about the history…you know how I like old things! Ha ha. (Sorry our photos upside down, don’t know how to change it now, derrrrr)

  5. Kadie And Liam says :

    Hi cheeky man (wes) hope your having a great time and hope all them steps dont tire you out too much lol. We will finish chaos faction 2 when your home lots of love your favourite and liam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Kadie And Liam says :

    Hello lilly hope you have a great time lots of love kadie and liam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Liz Norton says :

    Looks very interesting Amy can you yet any nearer!!! Missing you Lots love Mum Dad and Issy Wissy xx

  8. Tricia Buxton says :

    Hi Eve have a good time see you soon love you loads nanny xxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Sophie P's dad says :

    You all look riveted. Good stuff, keep learning y’all!

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