Treasure Hunt Champions!

Eve, Sophie, Amy and Izabella are our Treasure Hunt Champions! We’ll Done Girls that was a very tricky challenge!


8 responses to “Treasure Hunt Champions!”

  1. Diane Moffatt says :

    Hope you enjoyed your treasure hunt which looked fun. Well done to Eve, Sophie, Amy & Izabella. Better luck next time hun. XX

  2. Deborah Kelsall says :

    Way to go girls!!! A special WELL DONE to Izzy, looks like you are having a great time, wish we were there! Can you imagine the boys running round Izzy HAHAHA xxxxxxx

  3. cheryl tate says :

    well done xx

  4. Cherie Teasdale (Eve's Mum) says :

    Well done girls! xxx

  5. Liz Norton says :

    That’s great girls… the boys how to do it…..hope you are having fun Amy…love mum, dad and Issy xx

  6. Sophie P's dad says :

    Well done girls!!! Hey Soph, a career as a detective beckons! Can I have a share of the treasure if it’s money please?

  7. Sophie P's Mum says :

    Well done girls! Good to see you enjoying yourselves. Hope Piggy is behaving himself! Good night my darling. Love you. Xx

  8. Matt says :

    Wow well done soph
    did you win anything

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