Mrs Graham’s Turn!


Lady Viking ready for battle!

12 responses to “Mrs Graham’s Turn!”

  1. Claire Gillen says :

    Suites you Mrs Graham!!! Ha ha ha. Hope you’ve had a brilliant day Maddy, bet you are shattered, missing you loads, can’t wait to see you tomorrow and have a big Maddy hug. Love you millions sweetie Mum and Dad Xxxxxxxxx

  2. Deborah Kelsall says :

    Bet you have all really enjoyed your day, be sure to thank your teachers for making it really brilliant for you! Goodnight Izzy, I have looked after the rabbit and cats next door but they are missing their chief feeder!! Have a lovely sleep with great dreams and me and the boys will see you tomorrow as my boss has let me come to pick you up! We all can’t wait to see you xxxxx

  3. Anne Squires says :

    You all look like you’ve had loads of fun. We’re really missing you Joseph Squires and are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Sleep tight, lots of love and hugs from Mum & Dad

  4. Mrs Greenwood says :

    Mrs Graham, you look fabulous, what a wonderful residential! The children look like they have had the best time. Please remind Mr Morton about my lucky duck tomorrow! Enjoy your last evening and have a safe journey home tomorrow.
    Mrs Greenwood

  5. Diane Moffatt says :

    You look fab Mrs Graham…really suits you. You probably have some viking blood in you me thinks!! Good night all. Sweet dreams.

  6. John (Piper's Dad) says :

    I have to agree…. FABulous look Mrs Graham 🙂 It really looks like you’ve all had lots of fun. Thanks for all the brilliant pics, see you all tomorrow

    Nite Nite Piper xx

  7. cheryl tate says :

    looks like u all have had a fab day , wesley good night love u out of the universe ,see u tomoz have a good nights sleep xxxxxxxxxx

  8. cheryl tate says :

    lily not seen u on any photo’s ! hope u have had a lovely time xx ya mum says goodnight n loves ya loads n see u tomoz xxxxxxxx

  9. Berni Kelsall says :

    I also agree mrs Graham you look fab-u-lous xx

  10. Berni Kelsall says :

    It’s that again Soph to say nite nite, it was lovely to see you on the photos having such a fab time. We are all missing you so much and can’t wait to see you tomorrow, love you loads sleep well
    Lots of love nan, grandad, jo and Mel xxxxxxxx

    I would like to take a moment to thank all the staff for taking such excellent care of our precious children, they all look like they have had a whale of a time, and a big thank you for the wonderful photo’s and keeping us up to date with all your adventures. Xx THANK YOU xx

  11. Liz Norton says :

    Nite nite Amy sleep tight looking forward to having you home missed you so much. But it looks like you’ve had a ball… Loads of love and kisses from Mum, Dad Issy Nanny and Grandad love ya xxxxxxxxxx

  12. Sophie P's dad says :

    Surely the children aren’t that rowdy that you need armour? Looks great though!

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