Rock Pooling Fun!









Getting wet searching for crabs! Lily’s found one!


10 responses to “Rock Pooling Fun!”

  1. Deborah Kelsall says :

    Have you seen anything Izzy?

  2. Diane Moffatt says :

    Did you find anything Em. You are usually very good at finding things.. what you doing sat on the sand??? Hope you enjoyed it. Missing you. XX

  3. shiralee moore says :

    Aww fantastic lily but remember u carnt bring it home with you like you did last time lol love you millions an trillions missing you lots its so quiet with out you xxxxxxxx

  4. Berni Kelsall says :

    Hi Sophie we see you found the water! Did you notice that it was nearly over top of your willies.
    Missing you lots

    Love nan and grandad xxx

  5. Cherie Teasdale (Eve's Mum) says :

    Hey Eve, hope you’re having a wonderful time, we are missing you lots xxxx

  6. Sophie P's dad says :

    Wahey! Great rock pooling Soph! Did you find anything? The weather looks better. It’s chucking it down here.

  7. Maggie Fuller says :

    looks like you are having great fun mya in the rock pool,.. can’t wait to see you tomorrow , enjoy the rest of your school trip ,, love you lots nanny granddad and skye xxxxxx

  8. Anne Squires says :

    Hi Joe
    You all look to be having a fab time – It’s a good job you packed your willies!!
    Missing you loads, Mum and Dad xxxxxxx

  9. Matt says :

    Wehey soph did you find anything

  10. Matt says :

    Wehey soph did you find owt

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