Tea Time!




We have some very hungry Y5s after their action packed day of exploring!

21 responses to “Tea Time!”

  1. Tony Squires says :

    Hi Joe
    Tea looks great!!! Bet you ate it all up after your busy day xxxx

  2. cheryl tate says :

    wesley hope u r enjoying yourself,missing u lots house is very quiet, saskia ,shelby n kadie missing you lots xxx hope u enjoy tea , see u tomoz xxxxxx

  3. shiralee moore says :

    Wow wez thats thats a big pizza hope your enjoying your adventure mate xxxx

  4. Liz Norton says :

    Hi Amy hope are enjoying your Bean Burger!! Glad I’m not in your room tonight hehe missing you and love you loads Issy Mum and Dad xxx

  5. Diane Moffatt says :

    I bet you are really hungry after today’s activities..,.. those chips look yum. We are having chinese… but not the same without you babes. Love you, take care – mum, dad & Molly XXX

  6. Mrs Fearnley says :

    Another fabulous day, the abbey looks so wonderful with dark clouds, I can’t wait to see your sketches. Enjoy this evening. Love Mrs Fearnley xxx

  7. joanne foster says :

    yum yum in my tum..!!!!! that looks deeelicious.

  8. Deborah Kelsall says :

    Dinner looks gorgeous, look at the size of that pizza Wesley!!
    Enjoy your lasagne Izzy, and hope you have a great night xxx

  9. Berni kelsall says :

    enjoy your tea sophie it looks loike you have had a wonderfull day full of fun and learning.
    love nan and grandad x

  10. Claire Gillen says :

    Mmmm that looks yummy Maddy. . . . guess what happened today?? I lost my tooth!!!!! Missing you lots from Erin. Xxx

  11. Wendy Caulton says :

    Hi Amy Norton this is your Number one BFF Darcey! I hope you are having a good time! you need to get your teacher to take some more pics of you and put some on the blog the pic so I can see you 😉 missing you I will look at all of your pic that are on the blog have a good time you bff bye 😉 facetime me when you get home lots of love Darcey bye ;D xxxxxx

  12. claire (thaiba's mum) says :

    Hello Thaiba and Everyone 🙂

    Hope you are all dry now ??? looks like you have had a lovely day !!! Enjoy your dinner and get some rest for tomorrow..

    We are all looking forward to seeing you tomorrow..

    Lots of love mum, dad and the girls xox

  13. Sophie P's dad says :

    One portion of tea Sophie! ONE!

  14. Mrs Forshaw says :

    Goodness me Wesley,your pizza is nearly as big as you! I hope you managed to eat it all up.

  15. Mrs Forshaw says :

    I’m not surprised you are all hungry after all the brain power you have used today.hope you have had fun while learning. The beach looked lovely. Xxx

  16. Bev Mace says :

    Hi everyone, wow tea looks delicious. Hope you enjoy your last night Alex, missed you lots and looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Lots of love Mum, Leanne, Jade and Casey xxxxxx

  17. Claire Allison says :

    Ooh Ben I bet you had a hard time deciding which to have lasagne or pizza. I’m sure you are really hungry after everything you have fit in today. xxxx

  18. Mrs Greenwood says :

    The food looks delicious!

  19. lisa -owains mum says :

    Mmmmm whats that owain ….. jacket spud ?? Looks yummy anyway. Xxx

  20. Jack crane says :

    Night night Olivia. We have just come back from Akbar’s. 🙂 haha. Love jack. Xxx

  21. Kiera's mum says :

    Night kiwi…looking forward to u coming home Tomor. Enjoy ur last night. Love mum. X

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