The Beach

What a fabulous morning we have had at the beach! The children have had a wonderful time and are just washing up for lunch now, before heading off to the Abbey this afternoon. It’s an action packed schedule up here! Not that we’re trying to tire them out or anything! 😀


11 responses to “The Beach”

  1. Claire Gillen says :

    Hope you’ve all had a brilliant morning on the beach, and enjoy your adventures round the Abbey later. I bet you’ll all sleep tonight!!!! Big hugs to Maddy. Lots of love Nana and Papi. Xxx

  2. Nel ( Dylan Beevers Mum) says :

    The weather looks like it’s holding out for you guys! Hope it’s not too cold, lots of love xxx

  3. Diane Moffatt says :

    You look like you are all having fun…. 199 steps… never rite!! I bet your legs are proper tired. A walk around the Abbey too…you will definitely sleep tonight!! P.S. it’s raining here 😦 Love ya. XXX

  4. Deborah Kelsall says :

    Wow, what a great day you are having! Hope weather is nice, it’s raining here in Rotherham. Love you Izzy xx

  5. clairelancashire says :

    Is that blue sky I see!! The weather has been kind to you today not so nice here! ENJOY the rest of your day see you tomorrow Sam 🙂 xxxxx

  6. Mrs S Carver says :

    We have been looking at your amazing pictures< we are having an ok time as well, the weather is horrible here so lets hope you dont get it tomorrow!!!! we are missing you all and hope you have a safe journey home. xxx

  7. Mrs Draycott says :

    Hello everyone you look like you are having a great time I can smell the sea from here!!! Its sooo quiet here have fun all of you

  8. Sophie P's dad says :

    The crazy gang!

  9. Liz Norton says :

    You are not like your dad Amy……he would be on all the photos …lol where are you? Are you still there? Ha ha love you mummy xxxx

  10. Kiera's mum says :

    Did the teaches manage to tire u all out. I somehow doubt it. Haha. Looks like uv had a great day kiwi. Ill check in later x love u mum x

  11. zoe brookes says :

    Yousif mummy, Looks like your having lots of fun my darling. Missing you. Love you..mum xxx

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