Whitby Abbey House Through the Years!



Dylan the Viking!


The Medieval Rich – Sophie and Kian


The Medieval Poor – Sophie and Musa

8 responses to “Whitby Abbey House Through the Years!”

  1. Berni Kelsall says :

    Looking lovely soph!!!!! Xx

  2. Sophie P's dad says :

    The medieval rich eh Sophie? Can I borrow some money please? You look fab!

  3. cheryl tate says :

    u all look intrigued, hope it was interesting! x

  4. alison pease says :

    I love the hat Sophie. Hope that’s my birthday present! Good to see you having a great time. See you tomorrow. 😁

  5. Cherie Teasdale (Eve's Mum) says :

    Hi Eve, how are you fixed for a loan? Hope you’re having a wonderful time. See you soon, enjoy your last night Birdie xxxxxxxx

  6. Theresa (Harry's Mum) says :

    Hi Harry, It looks like you are all having great fun, I love Dylan’s Viking outfit! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Sleep well. Lots of love and hugs Mum, Dad & Dylan xxx

  7. shiralee moore says :

    looks like your all having lots of fun an loving every minute of it hope you all have a good nights sleep after your busy day to today an ready for tomorrow so looking forward to seeing my little lily tomorrow goodnight xxxxx

  8. Nel ( Dylan Beevers Mum) says :

    Oh my gosh Dylan! You look fab mate, hope you had a good night sleep and enjoyed breakfast this morning, can’t wait to see you later on. We’ve all really missed you!! Lots of love Mum and Rick xxx

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