We’re coming home!


The not so sleepy children, all excited to see their families and share their stories of our Whitby adventure!

12 responses to “We’re coming home!”

  1. lisa - owains mum says :

    See you soon for big mummy huggles owain xxx

  2. cheryl tate says :

    see u soon wez xxxxx

  3. Sophie P's dad says :

    Earplugs at the ready, here they come!

  4. Deborah Kelsall says :

    Hoorah you are coming home!!! Safe journey and enjoy the last of your adventure xxxx See you soon Izzy

  5. Lauren's mum says :

    Hooooray can’t wait!!!!! Xxx

  6. Theresa (Harry's Mum) says :

    See you soon xxxx

  7. Claire Gillen says :

    Yippee!!! Hurry home now. . . . I’ll be waiting with a massive hug Maddy. Xxx

  8. shiralee moore says :

    Have a safe jounrney year 5. Carnt wait to see you lily:) missed you loads love u millioins an trillions. Big cuddles coming your way lily xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. clairelancashire says :


  10. Bev Mace says :

    See you soon Alex, cant wait to see you its to quite here without you lol. A great big thank you to all the Herringthorpe staff and the staff in Whitby for giving our children this wonderful experience (and hopefully lots learnt as well) xxxxxxx

  11. John (Piper's Dad) says :

    And I was thinking they’d all be tired 🙂 See you soon Piper xx

  12. Lauren Collumbine says :

    I really enjoyed it in Whitby thank you sooo much Mrs Graham + Mrs Angus

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